Client: MyoMaster

MyoMaster - breaking into multiple fitness communities

The Challenge

Massage guns for the masses, one niche at a time

We were challenged to promote the MyoPro and increase sales directly from MyoMaster’s website. It was important that we had different kinds of athletes to show that the benefits of the MyoPro are universal across all sports. Overall, their main goal was to achieve 10,000 link clicks.


The Solution

Our resident crossfit expert Adam knew exactly what to do

When you work with clients you believe in, and would use yourself, you tend to know a thing or two about the industry and the influencers within it. Adam knew exactly who to turn to. We’d already established that we’d run this campaign on Instagram Stories and make use of the Paid Partnership Tool to properly disclose the sponsorship whilst also allowing us to boost the content to further drive swipe-ups. Adam then engaged triathletes, Crossfit enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and even influential gym owners. The product was gifted to them and they were allowed plenty of time with it to ensure they could authentically talk about it.

  • “Loved being a part of the myomaster promotion. The product is easy to use, effective, and very accessible to the masses due to the friendly price tag." - Rory Brown

  • “I think it’s amazing and works perfectly for me. I’m soo lazy with my recovery and giving my body the rest it needs so just having the massage gun to hand is soo handy!" - Fraer Morrow

The Results

The proof is in the pudding

  • Campaign reach


  • Engagement


  • Traffic sent to website