Client: Learning Resources

Learning Resources - A Pre-Christmas Push

The Challenge

Delivering their first organised influencer campaign

Learning Resources had gifted products previously, but had never embarked upon a planned, targeted influencer campaign. Christmas was approaching, so we needed to get moving!


The Solution

11 partnerships, paid advertising, and content to keep forever

We wanted to ensure Learning Resources had several irons in the fire. The best way to achieve this? Organic influencer partnerships, the option to combine this content with paid advertising, and content created by us with local parents and children that Learning Resources could distribute both now and long into the future.

The Execution

Ok, but what actually happened?

To start, we identified 11 parental micro-influencers, each with kids with different needs and personalities. Combined, they had a following of 224,000. Between them, they created 17 videos around specific, key products. Next up, we found local parents with kids that were comfortable on screen and filmed 10 further videos using the products. Lastly, these videos were distributed and advertised further using TikTok Spark Ads to drive users to Learning Resources’ product pages.

The Results

Let's take a look at the numbers

  • Total reach


  • Likes & comments


  • Content saves


  • Traffic sent to site