Client: Adrian Flux Insurance

Adrian Flux - The Big Yellow Podcast Partnership

The Challenge

Continuing the partnership in an authentic way

Earlier in the year, we helped the Happy Hour boys put on their first ever live show at the Adrian Flux Waterfront in Norwich. With a UK tour looming, but heavy restrictions due to their exclusive Spotify partnership, how could we get Adrian Flux involved?


The Solution

A big yellow bus that can't be missed, 2 weeks of luxury and as much content as we can get

The largest platform the boys have is their podcast, but they’re in control of the sponsors. Our only option? Give them something so significant and relevant it would be impossible not to mention on the podcast. Enter the big yellow bus of dreams. An 8 berth sleeper coach, custom wrapped with a dual-branded design featuring Happy Hour and Adrian Flux. We also committed each of them to multiple Instagram Stories, Feed Posts and had them feature in content we could use on Adrian Flux’s social channels.

The Execution

How did we turn this into something valuable?

Brand awareness is one thing, but how can we take it further? We decided that the bus wouldn’t just feature Adrian Flux’s branding, it would feature a gigantic QR code taking people to a data capturing competition page. Now anyone would be enticed to get involved, not just Happy Hour fans.

The Results

Let's take a look at the numbers

  • Known digital reach


  • Known engagements


  • Podcast mentions (which we weren't technically allowed)


  • Competition entries


  • Posts from the public