Client: Adrian Flux Insurance

Adrian Flux - modified acceleration

The Challenge

Earning the trust of a tight-knit community

The modified community is a well-guarded one, and incredibly valuable to companies that can successfully enter it due to their loyalty and desire to have the best for their cars. Adrian Flux Insurance are already a huge name in the modified world, so we were tasked with furthering their reputation.


The Solution

Selecting the most authentic creators

Becoming an influencer in the modified car space isn’t easy. Many creators can pull the views, but can’t successfully influence their audience. We spent hours watching different creators, tracked them over months, spoke to members of the community and even pulled data, including historic campaign performance, to ensure we selected the right ones for our client.

Here's one we made earlier

Mat Armstrong is a hard-working, self-made modified car enthusiast. He was the perfect addition to this campaign.

The Results

Here's how it went down

  • Creators used


  • Reach


  • Engagements


  • Quotes generated