Client: Adrian Flux Insurance

Adrian Flux - Becoming a Learner Hero

The Challenge

Being the first consideration for young & learner drivers

Adrian Flux Insurance challenged us to not only reach a large number of young and learner drivers, but earn their respect. Given that insurance is only purchased when needed, Adrian Flux also needed a way to ensure they could continually communicate with the audiences they were reaching.


The Solution

Partnering with creators that needed Adrian Flux to ensure they were the hero

The first step was to find creators that needed Adrian Flux. Whether they needed car insurance themselves or budget to bring a project to life, we wanted Adrian Flux to be the make or break element and for the influencers to pass this on so that they earned the kudos. The next step was to create a landing page on Adrian Flux’s site which could host a competition. This way we can capture pixel data and email data for re-targeting. Young drivers and learner drivers have different requirements, however, so we asked which stage of driving the entrants were currently at to allow for more specific future targeting.

  • "Big up Adrian Flux, the real G's"

  • "Adrian Flux are genuinely amazing. Got a few cars with them, and it is nice to see them sponsoring content like this"

  • "I'm using Adrian Flux just because of making this video happen"

  • "Big up Adrian Flux for sponsoring so this video can exist"

The Results

The numbers don't lie

  • Campaign reach


  • Engagement


  • Unique sessions on website


  • Emails collected


  • Percentage increase in email CTR compared to regular data