We are an Influencer Marketing Agency who connect authentic influencers with brands to deliver bespoke and relevant campaigns. We measure and refine to get the best engagement. We are Fluential.

An Example
of what we do:

Honda UK

The Brief: Upon re-releasing the H-RV Honda challenged us to reach a demographic not touched by their current efforts while fostering the spirit of adventure that the H-RV encapsulates.

The Solution:


We connected Honda to Musician, YouTuber, and long time Honda enthusiast, Harry Seaton. The authentic link of brand to influencer we pride ourselves on really shone through in this campaign, creating a genuinely engaging piece of content that benefited both parties.

We kitted Harry out with a brand new Honda HR-V and a film crew to shoot his new music video all about escaping day to day life and adventuring. By Allowing Harry to capture the day however he preferred we ended up with a beautifully made but also genuine film that achieved exactly what we set out for.


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The Results: Swipe left to see more

Campaign Reach 250K+
Total Video Views 60k
Total Engagement 12k+
Engagement Rate 4.93%

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