We are an Influencer Marketing Agency who connect authentic influencers with brands to deliver bespoke and relevant campaigns. We measure and refine to get the best engagement. We are Fluential.

An Example of what we do:

Adrian Flux

The Brief: With Adrian Flux continuing to increase their offering to young drivers, we were challenged to ensure that the learner demographic weren't just discovering the brand - they actively wanted to use them and were able to do so with ease.

The Solution:


Car insurance might be a must, but that doesn’t make it an easy sell. No one really wants to hear about it. So with that in mind, we needed really careful, authentic integrations. We implemented this in a number of different ways.

First, we commissioned “Drive With Me” videos, a uniquely raw style of content. Secondly, we put our own spin on learning to drive with the UK’s biggest monster truck. Finally, an event to bring our favourite creators together.


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The Results: Swipe left to see more

Campaign Reach 2.1M+
Total Engagement 210K+
Emails Collected 16K+
Unique Sessions 25K+

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